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Bespoke Design

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FREE Stock Images

Flash Photo Gallery

Movie/ Video Player

YouTube Player

Twitter Live Shout Box

Social Networking Links

Main Image Slider

Google Maps

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Live Chat Helpdesk

XML Site Map

Search Engine Optimisation

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Dedicated Account Manager

FREE Email & Telephone Support

Bespoke Design  

We design the website to your requirements, you tell us how you want it to look or if you don’t know what you want our design team can come up with a superb design for you. We never use pre-made templates, unlike some other web design companies!

Unlimited Live Design Revisions  

We provide you with unlimited revisions and continue to work on your site until you are 100% happy with every aspect. We do not limit you to a set number of hours of development or revisions like many other web companies.

Pages Of Content

This is the number of pages that are included in the site. If this package meets your requirements but say you need an additional page or two, no problem we can just design theses for a small additional fee. We also provide FREE Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy pages which by law every website requires.

Contact Form

Makes contacting you by email simple. Your clients won’t have to ‘cut & paste’ your email address into their email service, now they can just fill out the form on your contact page, click send and hey presto their email is delivered straight into your email box. Magic!

Free Stock Images  

Our image archive has over 500,000 stock images in it, if you don’t have any pictures of your own we can include an unlimited number of our archive images completely FREE of charge. If you need specialist images that we don’t possess we can obtain them from one of our external image resources on your behalf at cost price.  

Flash Photo Gallery

Bring you photos to life with a flash photo gallery. The gallery enables our pictures to be set displayed in a static mode, slide show or click and go. The times each picture is viewed can be set and tag lines added. A great addition for companies and individuals who would like to showcase their previous work and products.

Movie/ Video Clip Player

Showcase new products or services you provide, add an interview or two or maybe you could add a video presentation - all great ways to add impact. .

You Tube Player

Now you can have you favourite You Tube clips shown on your website. Simply upload your movie/video clips to your You Tube account and we will encode them so they appear on your site.  

Twitter Live Shout Box

Love it or loathe it, Twitter is a great way to gain interest in your company and the products you sell. It can also help boost your ranking on search engines, so the more you “tweet” the better. You get a “tweet” box on your site that mirrors your live Twitter posts - tell clients about new products or jobs you have completed or just let the world know what sort of day you’ve had - all displayed on your website.

Social Networking Links

Networking is a great way to get clients to interact with you and your company. Business & Social Networking sites are getting bigger and more popular every year and when linked to your website they can provide a valuable source of back links - a great way of increasing your website's search engines rankings. We can link your website to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Linked In and many more!

Main Image Slider

We we design and code an image slider just like ours for your website. Not sure what we mean? Take a look up at the main large image - now watch it slide! This is actually a series of images which slide one after another giving what ever you chose to display maximum exposure for a small amount of small. The slider can be a different size and placed anywhere on your website.

Google Maps

Ever wondered how some sites have a Google map that allows you to see there location and scroll in and out? Well now you can have the same on your site.

Live Chat Helpdesk

This great feature allows potential customers to click an icon on your website which will open a ‘chat box’. These works in a similar way to say MSN Messenger and allows your customers to ask a question s and get information on your company, products or services. You can have multiple chats and even set your Live Chat to ‘offline’ when you unavailable - this is a great way to interact with potential clients - try clicking on our ‘Live Chat’ icon and say Hi!

XML Site Map

All the website’s we produce contain an XML Site Map. These site maps are used by search engines ‘webcrawlers’ to index your website - its lists all the pages your website contains and in turn can help with search engine rankings. All the main search engines such as; Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask all use XML site maps to index (list) your website on their results pages.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

When designing a website we always use search engine friendly links to maximise your ranking on search engines. Before your site is ready to go ‘live’ we will research keywords for your industry and liaise with you to find a set of keywords that are right for you. We also set your website’s ‘Meta Tags’ which help tell the search engines what each page in your site is all about. Every month we re-submit your website to the major search engines FREE OF CHARGE, this ensures all your links are current and can help your search engine rankings.

Search Engine Submission

We will submit your site to all the main search engines to help get you ranked as quickly as possible on places such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. There is no guaranteed way to get you on say the first page of Google, the more successful the site is over time the higher you will rise. Every month we re-submit your website to the major search engines FREE OF CHARGE, this ensures all your links are current and can help your search engine rankings.

Free .co.uk Domain Name

If you don’t already  have a domain name we can register one for you to use for FREE. Simply search for a domain you like such as www.mydomain.co.uk by using our Domain name Checker, when you find one just let us know and we will register it. Your website will then be ‘loaded’ on to this domain for the whole world to see and admire!

If you would like a different extension domain name such as a .com  .net , org for example we can register it for a small fee (the difference between the cost of .co.uk).

You can search for your ideal domain name by clicking here.

Email Address

Each website includes a number of email address suited to the level of  website package. These can be set up for you at the start and altered as you go along to suit your needs. A popular prefix is for example info@yourdomain.com but you can have your name or whatever else takes your fancy. You can access your emails by visiting the email server by typing in the web address www.outitgoes.com and then simply enter your email address and password. If you have Microsoft Outlook you can use this to access all your email address in one go, much easier and nicer. Each email address has POP 3 functionality so you can link it to your chosen email client.

Smart Phone Email Access

If you have an iPhone or Android phone you can access your email while on the go! Simply use your phone to go online then type in the web address www.outitgoes.com and then enter your email address and password.

FREE Web Hosting

Your site is hosted on our servers enabling it to be ‘live’ on the web 24/7 for your customers to see. Our packages include very generous amounts of storage space for your website information and bandwidth, ensuring your website is available for customers to view even during peak surfing periods. We offer FREE web hosting for the first 12 months, after this time a small monthly charge will apply.

Cross Browser Compatibility

All the website’s we design are cross browser compatible. What this means is that your website will display correctly in all major internet browsers such as: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.   *IE6 excluded

Online Visitor Stats & Reports

Every website we design has a Google Analytics script included to collect information about how visitors interact with your website, including where they came from, what they did on the site and whether they completed any of the site's conversion goals. Analytics also keeps track of your data and combines this with any pay per click campaigns you may choose to run. All of this information is presented in an easy-to-read, yet thorough manner, through intuitive, visual reports.     

Dedicated Account Manager

At the start of every project we assign a Dedicated Account Manager to handle all aspects of your website from start to finish. If you need additional services such as Graphic Design, Print or anything else the same account manager can handle these requirements to.

Email & Telephone Support

Sometime we all need help - that’s why we offer FREE email and telephone support to all our clients. Unlike many companies we don’t have premium rate telephone numbers either! Telephone and email support is available Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm, outside of these hours email support is available.    

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