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Great graphic design doesn’t come from a book, it comes from the soul. “wow” that’s pretty deep I hear you say but it’s true!

Our talented design team genuinely love what they do and it shows in their work. There is nothing better than doing a job you love and here at Trendy Design Co we purvey that to our customers not only through our exceptionally high standards of  work but also our attitude.

We understand ‘design’ is not everyone’s bag, for some it’s confusing, irritating or down right emotional - for us it’s great, we love it!

Plumbers plumb, builders build, politicians tell lies (allegedly!), we design, it’s what we do best. We never make our clients feel like a spare part, we include you every step of the way, additionally we won’t use any industry jargon to baffle and confuse you - yea it may make us sound like design gods but really, does it make you like us any more, no? Exactly!   

Design is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it...  
Graphic Design

Our favourite saying (besides who’s making the tea!) is “a design is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it”, this couldn’t be more true than when you have put your faith in us to come up with a kick ass design and we disappoint with our version of your idea. So when we undertake design project we always ask you, the client to fill in a simple design brief outlining not only the design type you want but what you hope to archive with the project. While we always listen and take on board your thoughts and ideas, there may well be a different design/ style or way to get your point across in an even more jaw dropping and successful way. This is where we come in. We do a little research on your business/ brand/ concept, look at your target audience and then tailor your design to that audience, simple really but something may companies just don’t do, they just take the money knock up a little design and hand it over and job done where’s the love in that?

We treat every project the same, you get the same great talented design team, endless enthusiasm, first class customer service,  

and a final project you can be proud of - we may even throw in a cupa tea or two if you come and visit us!

Graphic design Pricing Structure

We always work on set rates for each standard job, this saves you the worry of a big bill at the end of the project! There are times when your project may not fit one of our set prices, never fear Johnny Cuffbert our Pricing Manager Extraordinaire is always on hand to work you out a special fix priced deal. Simple email him (he does love a good email you know) by clicking here.

General Offline Design Services

Prices Per Project

Logo Design £55

Business Card Design £35

Leaflet/Flyer Design £35

Poster/ Billboard Design £35

Letterhead/ Compliment Slip Design £35

Business Starter Package Design £99*

Includes Business Card, Letterhead, Compliment Slip & Logo Design.

*save 40% against the standard price of £140

Postcard Design £35

Brochure Design £35 per page up to 4 pages, then £15 per page

Trendy Design co is also a established printer of commercial business products such as; Flyers, Leaflets, Business Cards, Letterheads, Compliment Slips, NCR Pads, Giant Size Posters, Banners, Super Sized Photo Prints and much much more!

Trendy Design & Print  (commercial printers)

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General Online Design Services

Prices Per Project

Page Flip eBropchure Design £99

Page Flip eBrochure Conversion from your files £49

Page Peel Advert Design £35

Page Peel Advert design & Install £59

Rotating/ Slider Banner Design £99 up to 6 slides

Rotating/ Slider Banner Design & Install £149 up to 6 slides

Website Background Creation £35

Website Background Creation & Installation £59

Falling Object Website Page Overlay Design £35

Falling Object Website Page Overlay Design & Installation £35

Flash Design from £35 per hour (set project price available)

Website Icon Design from £35 per hour (set project price available)

Audio/Visual Presentations, Artistic Drawings and Story Boards also available. Please enquire for pricing.