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Fully featured eCommerce online store just for you!

Our Rental eCommerce Packages are an industry first and allow small, medium and even large businesses a fully featured eCommerce store for a fraction of what it would normally cost to have their online store set up and running.

Our eCommerce Rental Packages start from just £4.95 per week* and they include all the great features and functionality of our Buy Outright packages.

Best of all there is no minimum term (cancel any time) and we include FREE hosting and email.

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* One off set up fee applies

eCommerce stores that will fill your tills...
eCommerce Packages

Fully featured eCommerce online store with Bespoke design, or choose a ‘skin’ that you love and save some money.

Our Buy Outright eCommerce Packages offer amazing value. Simply put you pay a deposit then we design you a superb bespoke website and once complete you pay the outstanding balance - you then own the website.

All the eCommerce stores we build are full of features and not only look great but are functional too!

Our Buy Outright packages start at just £499.00 and we even include FREE hosting and email for 12 months.

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Do I need or why should I have an eCommerce online store?
eCommerce online stores

With ever increasing numbers of people carrying out their daily shopping on the Internet, having a well designed and accessible online shop is a key resource for your business.

In today's fast moving world you can buy anything and everything online, where shopping generally offers lower prices and greater product availability and variety. This combined with the comfort of shopping from home ensure that the dot com revolution is just starting. Consumers are increasingly taking advantage of online shopping facilities to the point where many major retailers are streamlining physical locations and re-investing heavily in their online presence.

Trendy Web Design have several years experience and marketing knowledge in the creation, design, accessibility and maintenance of ecommerce web design and online shopping. We can design you a beautiful bespoke online shop that will not only look professional, appropriate and trusting but also integrate secure and familiar payment methods for your customers.

Design is the cornerstone of any successful online store, after all when was the last time you ordered online from a store that was dull, with poorly presented products in a hard to navigate and use design? Never would be our guess!

Every project we undertake from initial concept to launch works on 3 basic principles;

1) Eye catching non fussy conceptual design - First impressions count

2) Ease of use for consumers - Quick loading and easy to navigate is a must

3) Excellent admin control - Ensures a easy to use Admin/back office interface     

The design process we undertake starts from a simple sketch using a good old fashioned pencil and piece of paper. At this stage we incorporate any colours and branding you are keen to use giving us a clear plan of action. When the layout looks right we start with the programming side, this involves creating your bespoke colour schemes and layouts to create a ‘template’ that is the page design of the site. From this point we tweak and fine tune the layout of the products, site documents and other relevant information that the site may require and finish by testing and fault finding the site prior to launch.   

Our ecommerce software allows you to effortlessly add, delete and maintain products, options, customers as well as managing orders and delivery options. The administration options are so vast that to list them all would make this page a metre long, or more! Worried it may all be a little to complex for you? Don’t, it really is a like riding a bike, once you have got into the swing of it you will never forget.

If your not selling online your missing out - Take a look to see how we can get you up and running for a great price.