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Well this is the second site I have had design by the guys at Trendy and as usual they have excelled.

Being the Drive Time DJ at Viking 96.9 FM and previously KISS 101 FM my demands can be a little exuberant but they deliver every time! For my 2011 site I wanted a clean modern trendy design and a couple of extra features that would entice my listeners and fans to spend more time on my site browsing and checking out what I have to offer.

As music is my business I needed a online player for my latest mixes, I wanted this to play as soon as the site loads and keep playing without restarting every time a visitor changed pages, something I noticed other DJ sites didn’t do. I thought this was going to be a major (and costly) problem as on other DJs sites the music always reloads when you change page. The guys at Trendy Web Design came up with a great solution very quickly and at a super price and then they even improved upon their original idea at no extra cost! They even added a media player link for my Viking FM 96.9FM Drive Time Show so now people visiting my site can listen to me ‘live’ as well, this is a great touch and took me completely by surprise.

When it came to the design I had strong ideas about what I want but let the design team at Trendy Web Design go ahead and come up with a design ‘they’ thought would be a perfect fit for me, and they were right! The design I think is great, modern and clean but with colour that makes sections stand off the page, exactly what I was looking for. During the design stage they even incorporated some additional ideas I had and then improved upon them, nothing was too much trouble and every time I had an idea rather than shoot it down as unworkable, they came up with an idea which would work, keeping as much of my  initial idea intact as possible. This is one of the reasons I enjoy dealing with the team at Trendy Web Design, they have strong ideas about design and what works but they will listen and even if they don’t agree they find a way to incorporate your ideas and make them user friendly and keep the site looking good.

With my work as a club DJ taking me all around the UK and Europe it was important that I could showcase some of my mixes for promoters, clubs and radio stations could get a feel for my work, this as it turns out was easier than I thought. All my mixes were loaded into the site so now you can simply click on a mix and you get a small page with the track listing and the options of listening or downloading the mix. This is a major improvement on what I had before and is already working for me as 2011 looks like its going to be a record breaking year for me!

One thing I was worried about was how often the content would need to change on many of the pages so it was suggested that I should have a content management system built into the site so I could change sections and pages myself. This was a great idea but my free time is limited so in the end not only did I have the content management system added to certain pages but I also worked out a separate deal for what they call a ‘content management package’. This means that all I have to do is email the design team and they make any changes I want to the content and images! Ok so it cost me a few quid every month but saves me time and hassle trying to do it myself, plus I know there is not going to be any nasty bills later on down the road.

So in all it’s been a very good experience with the absolute minimum of hassle and every time there has been a problem its been handled quickly and professionally. The design team were very easy to deal with and went out their way to accommodate my requirements and never became annoyed or grumpy no matter how many request I made or little changes I asked for, maybe they are all Buddhist monks? :)

I can recommend Trendy Web Design to anyone who wants to deal with a really friendly web design company who can design a great website without the massive price tag!

Thanks guys!

Interview with AntNichols.com
Client Talkback

We say:

It was a pleasure working with Ant , he has a strong design knowledge which makes dealing with him straight forward. His ideas have been multiplied, added to, then ‘fluffed’ up ensuring the site looks great but just as importantly is user friendly.

We love designing image driven sites and antnichols.com is a prime example of this technique, people respond more favourably to a website with bright images and short concise relevant text - more sites will go this route in 2012!



Over All Design:


Value For Money:

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